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If you are thinking of getting a family dog, you would probably be thinking as to which dog breed would be best. While searching for a dog, you will find numerous breeds of dogs are around; and at times it becomes very difficult to choose a particular breed that would best suit your needs. It is, therefore, necessary that you should know exactly what you are searching for. It will help you to take a prudent decision in the matter. For example, if you are in search for a smart and strong dog, then you will find that German shepherd dogs will suit you most.

This dog has origin from Bavaria region. In ancient times, people of this region used to herd sheep with the help of German shepherd dogs. Thus, this dog has existence for centuries back. This dog has genetic make up as a protective dog. Due to this reason, GSD is often used in tasks that call for protection, like accompanying the blind, police work etc. German Shepherds are considered guarding dogs and are extremely protective of his owners. These dogs are loved for their intelligence, strength, and hard working mindset.

Hapy German ShepherdUnique characteristics of German Shepherds are that they are agile and aggressive towards strangers they feel threatening; but on the other hand they are most loyal and devoted to their owners. They are easily mixed up and integrated as a new member in family and love to be accompanied.

This breed has medium structure and its weight ranges between 77 and 85 pounds (or around 35-40Kg). At the withers the male dog measures 24 to 26 inches while the female has measurement of 22 to 24 inches. GSD is agile but muscular dog and is perfectly suitable for all sorts of jobs that require energy and quickness.

Their coats may be either straight-haired coarse, long straight-haired coarse or long-haired wavy. GSD is most commonly found in straight-haired coarse coat. Colors of coat are usually all black, or tan and black. You may find German shepherd dogs with white color coats; but these colors are seen less often. German shepherds have wilted and droopy ears that harden when they real adulthood. These dogs have sparkling eyes and dense fur. Towards their adulthood, GSD have proportionate structure.

Due to excessive jumping and shaking of the body, problems of dysphasia develop around waist of these dogs that gradually turns to joint problems. As these dogs are bred to have a sloping back, they may also develop spinal problem. Bloating and stomach torsion are the most frightening and life threatening conditions that German shepherd dogs may experience. A dog suffering these conditions becomes extremely sick and needs immediate medical attention of a veterinarian. In order to refine breed of these dogs, a good deal of inbreeding is essential, there is possibility of developing Von Willebrand’s Disease in these dogs. In order to detect carriers of this disorder, blood test have to be conducted.

These dogs are very prone to skin problems; therefore, it is essential to groom them regularly. A good diet is also important to keep your German shepherd happy and healthy.

Preferred food for German shepherd dogs includes fresh meat and vegetables, in addition to dried dog foodstuffs. These dogs like to walk long distances and prefer to stray outside the home. Because of their instincts as guard dogs, you will often find your German shepherd sleeping by the front door to prevent strangers from entering your home. With proper training, good habits and socialism can be instilled in these dogs. One of the important things that should be kept in mind while having a GSD is that it should be kept engaged psychological and physically, since they get bored easily.

It is the physical structure and behavioral characters of any dog that determines its suitability for any specific tasks and environments. This fact has been proved through various scientific researches. Further, by enhancing community with any specific breed of dog, chances of unfavorable human-dog instances can be reduced. This fact equally applies on German shepherd dogs.

It was some time in 19th century in Germany that some breeders, led by Captain Max von Stephanitz developed a specialized dog from local sheep herding dogs that was highly intelligent and trainable dog. This is the same dog that we know today as German Shepherds. It is also believed that wolves and dogs were cross bred to create this strong and powerful dog breed. By the year 1899, German shepherd dogs were well established and by the year 1907 these dogs had made their way to America.

Bored German Shepherd DogAs regards temperament, GSD is loved for its attachment and loyalty to the owner and its family. In America, it is one of the most favored breeds. This dog is very protective to those it loves. If properly socialized, these dogs are very good with children. German Shepherd dogs enjoys company of human family and are brave and cheerful dogs. It is very active dog that wants to work and also play and have fun. Immediately when a puppy of GSD is brought home, its training should commence in a positive manner. Sometimes this dog is considered as an aggressive dog also, but it should be kept in mind that it is true with any other large size dog that remains untrained and unsupervised.

Last but not the least, if you decide to go in for German Shepherds, it must be ensured that proper obedience training is provided so that you could get the out of your dog.

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