Deciding If a German Shepherd Fits Into Your Family

Just like with all dogs, you first need to decide if the dog breed is right for you.German-Shepherd-Snow Not every household can take in a German Shepherd due to their needs. German Shepherds are strong and powerful dogs that need to be trained. An untrained German Shepherd can cause a lot of trouble both to the owner and the dog itself.

Because German Shepherds are such big and strong dogs, they need a lot of exercise. If you want your German Shepherd to grow into a strong and healthy dog then you need a big back yard for your dog. Having a big yard gives room for the German Shepherd to run around and play. It also provides German Shepherd puppies with a lot of room for training.

If you work most of the day and expect to leave your dog home alone for long periods of time then German Shepherds may not be the ideal dogs for you. German Shepherds love attention and human interaction.

German Shepherds are good for large families because they get along with a lot of people, unlike some dogs that can only stand the ‘pack leader’. German Shepherds are good with children as well, although it might be a little difficult training a German Shepherd puppy while there are children around.

If you want a family dog that gets along well with the whole family then getting a German Shepherd puppy is recommended for you.

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