Would a German Shepherd Make a Good Pet?

German Shepherds are large breed dogs with a lot of qualities to offer to their owner. German Shepherds are German-shepherd-dogloyal to their owners. German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs and because of that you won’t run into many problems with German Shepherd training. German Shepherds learn things very quickly and after German Shepherd training, all the things they learned stay with them for a long time.

With proper German Shepherd training, they can be used as guard dogs. With the size of a German Shepherd and the incredible strength it posses, you will have an extremely good guard dog. With the intelligence that German Shepherds possess, training them into guard dogs won’t take too long.

Even though German Shepherds would make amazing guard dogs, they can also be a great family pet. Training a German Shepherd to behave won’t require a lot of effort because they love the people that they consider a part of the “pack”. German Shepherds may take a little while to establish complete trust with new people, but when they do they will stay loyal for a long time.

Overall German Shepherds are great dogs and would make a great pet for anyone who is looking for a loyal companion. If you know what you are doing, then you won’t have any problem training them new tricks because they are quick learners.

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