German Shepherd Teeth Care

German Shepherd Teeth Care

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of good dental hygiene when it comes to German Shepherds.germanshepherd-yawning Just like human teeth can build up plaque after eating and German Shepherd teeth are no different. This plaque keeps building up if the German Shepherd dog teeth are not cleaned and will turn into tarter which is a coarse brown substance. Tartar can build up over time and get in under the German Shepherd dogs gums which can lead to painful infections for your German Shepherd dog. So it’s not just people who suffer from gum disease and infections but German Shepherd dogs as well. People on the other hand, brush their teeth two to three times a day but German Shepherd dogs can’t.

Brushing German Shepherd Dog Teeth

Most the veterinarians recommend dog owners to clean their German Shepherds teeth at least twice a week. Brushing German Shepherds’ teeth two times a week will keep the tartar buildup at least amount. You can buy a special toothbrush and toothpaste which is made particularly for dogs. Do not attempt to brush your German Shepherds’ teeth with human tooth paste. The dog tooth paste is designed especially to satisfy your dogs’ taste buds to make the teeth brushing a lot easier.

Dental Chew for a German Shepherd

It can be a little challenging to get your German Shepherd dog to let you brush his mouth. Sometimes your German Shepherd will try to eat the toothpaste while you try to brush his teeth. If your unable to brush your German Shepherds teeth or simply don’t have the time and patients to sit there and brush your GSDs  teeth while he or she tries to lick off the toothpaste then you can try the dental chews. These dental chews will break down when chewed and will rub against your German Shepherds’ teeth cleaning off plaque and tartar. It doesn’t have as good if an effect as brushing your German Shepherds’ teeth with a tooth brush and some toothpaste but dental chews is are great if you can’t do those things.

German Shepherd Dentist

GSDs also have dentists just like humans do. So if your dog has a cavity or one of the tooth bothers your German Shepherd dog then you can always bring him to the dog dentist to get the tooth ache fixed. If you properly take care of your German Shepherd dogs’ teeth then you shouldn’t have any problems. A visit to the dentist with your German Shepherd can be costly so try to avoid it by taking care of your German Shepherd’s teeth.

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