Do German Shepherds Get Along With Cats?

German Shepherd dogs are known for enjoying chasing cats around, but is it possible that a German Shepherd and a cat gets along without any problems? Often times, if both the German Shepherd kitty-german-shepherdand the cat were raised together then they will get along just fine. The German Shepherd will see the cat as part of the pack and will protect the cat instead of attacking it.

Same applies for the cats when it comes to cats getting along with German Shepherds. When cats are young they don’t see the German Shepherd puppy as threat to them. Sometimes kittens do get a little defensive. Training both the kitty and the German Shepherd puppy to get along with each other would eliminate those problems.

When both the cat and the German Shepherd are mature then it might be a little more difficult to get those two to get along with each other. You will need to train your German Shepherd to accept the cat into part of the pack. You can do this by bringing your German Shepherd to your cat or kitten but keep the German Shepherd on the leash. Make sure the German Shepherd can’t reach the cat. Watch his reactions. If the German shepherd looks friend then you can slowly introduce them further to each other.

Sometimes it’s its not the German Shepherd that’s causing the trouble when it comes to them two getting along but the cat itself. When a cat sees a huge dog like a German Shepherd, it feels threatened and feels like it needs to defend itself from the huge dog. If the German Shepherd is friendly it will try to go make friends with the cat and when the cat sees the German Shepherd run up to him it might attack the dog in its defense. So if you are unsure if your German Shepherd and your cat will get along, take it slow keep them out of each other reach and let them get used to each other.

6 thoughts on “Do German Shepherds Get Along With Cats?”

  1. Well I really want a cat. But my thoughts thought that German sheperds didn’t like cats. So I asked a good friend of mine and she said that the dog will not get along with the cat. This site helped me a lot!!

  2. I have two cats, and I have always wanted a German Shepherd. So what I did is I slowly introduced them. First I put the dog in my bathroom, (Of course I let her out to relieve herself.) on top of a blanket with food and water so the puppy could get used to the smell of her new home. Then after a few days, I switched my dog and the two cats, so the dog could get used to her new home, and the cats could get used to her smell. But I also sprayed some catnip on the dogs blanket to give the scent a friendly tone. After a few more times of switching them. I introduced them. Keeping the dog on a leash the first time, and giving the cats a high place to jump up to, I let them inspect each other. All friendly attitude was rewarded praise, and negative attitude was given a quick “Hey!” or “Ssst!”. Then after they treated each other respectfully, I let them wander the house together on watch. Keeping the dog in her cage when we left the house. After a few days they where playing with each other and one happy family. But do give the cats a place where they can get away from the dog from time to time. like for me I have a cat door going into my basement, where the cats litter box and food is, do this so if a fight ever broke out or they needed a break from the dog bugging them they could slip away into this no dog zone. But when you do get a new dog or cat it’s best to have at least one of them young so they can be taught what’s right. Not what they think is right.

  3. i have never had a problem with dogs or german shepherds with cats. introducing a mature cat to a dog just takes time. the cat has to have a place to seek refuge, and will adjust to the dog being present over a matter of weeks, and vice versa. the cat can well defend itself and after a few warnings to the dog, the dog will accept the cats presence as another part of the family. my present cat well knows she is boss and behaves accordingly to how rough the dog gets with her. she hissed at him at first and gave him warnings and now they are best friends with the dog carrying the cat around by her head. sounds a bit traumatic but german shepherds can be very gentle creatures. i dont view the cat as ‘prey’, but as teasers. the cat instigates rough play not vice versa. do not do any of what i say if you do not have full control over your canine. i’ve had 7 ‘G’S’ with cats and no problems. they enjoy each others company!!

  4. Honestly, my German Shepherd tries to kill my cat at every opportunity. nothing seems to work, so the cat now lives outside and never ventures into the back yard.

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