How to train puppy not to cry or whine when I’m gone?

how to train a German Shepherd Puppy
by Beverly & Pack

Question by QWERTYYY: How to train German Shepherd Puppy not to cry or whine when I’m gone?
I recently got a dachshund German Shepherd Puppy and he has grown very attached to me. I have school on certain days, so I leave him at home with my roommates and he consistantly cries and whines when I leave. Is there a way I can train him not to do this? I feel bad because I’m already asking my roommates to watch over him for me. Thanks!

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Answer by Xartyve2
Make him hate you.

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  1. TKD4LFE says:

    play music when you’re out of the house.

    best option would be classical or a talk show.

  2. ranipalanikumar says:

    he longs for you. probably feed him well before you leave. its is natural for pups for long for their loved ones. they are domesticated animals and they want to stay close to us. more so because the pup is without the company of its mother. may be if it has another dog company it will not cry. have another pup for it to play with. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. yes this is the correct solution. i always have two pups at a time…..!!!!

  3. podo82 says:

    YOU are making your leaving a big deal to the dog. You can’t be telling the dog goodbye and giving it goodbye kisses. You may not even be DOING anything like that, but the dog is sensing your apprehension. Be nonchalant when you leave. Just grab your keys and walk out. When you return, just walk in and do whatever you used to do for the first few min. Don’t come in the door with the attitude that a horrible experience is now over. Do dry runs. Leave and come back a few min. later to show the dog that you indeed are coming back. He should get use to things eventually and calm down, confident his new master will return and pet him again.

  4. CarissaJane says:

    You cannot train your puppy/dog to not cry or whine when you are gone. Best option, is give him/her something to play with, or something to chew just before you leave. Like the comment above, just walk out, but as soon as you get home, go and play with your puppy/dog for a while, so that he knows that you WILL come back, and you WILL give him attention. Puppy’s need lots of attention.

  5. nicey says:


    A little whining or crying is normal at first. But as your pup gets used to being alone, and learns to expect a stuffed Kong, or other chewy challenge when he’s on his own, he should eventually become more confident and comfortable apart from you. Here are more training tips:

  6. nocthreat says:

    Exactly what kind of treat I gave him bacon but it didnt work out…

  7. hannahnicole121 says:

    i really liked your video!!! i really learned something from it. however, when i held the treat over my puppies nose,he tried to jump to get the treat. how should i handle that?

  8. ActiveXre says:

    lol my puppies are CRAZY. they would chew up my finger if i try that.

  9. tonyming6969 says:

    @JBilove4eva Yeah. Next he should train the dog to learn how to “whack” someone

  10. GQgoodlooks says:

    @cloudsareyummiiXD you correct it it takes time

  11. cloudsareyummiiXD says:

    what if the puppy jumps up and doesn’t listen?

  12. Riyavarma74 says:

    I have a black lhasa apso pup she is 2 months. when i throw a ball she runs and get it but does not give it to me .when i tried doin this it jus wants the treat he jumps and tries to get the treat. pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. UnderCoverWowCow says:

    I sit down with the dog and put the treat above his nose but he just jumps and trys to get it what should I do if he trys to get it?

  14. LavenderDragonLick says:

    @HowdiniGuru the liver has a appetizing flavour for me. In fact, it’s my favorite food. I just opened a dog sitting buisness so thank you like, a million times in advance.

  15. LavenderDragonLick says:

    @HowdiniGuru the liver has a appetizing flavour for me. In fact, it’s my favorite food

  16. JBilove4eva says:

    He looks liked a guido, not a dog trainer!

  17. tiny12iscrazy says:

    oh…..gee…..that didnt help :(

  18. moniemello says:

    XD thank you my rottweiler sits on command now XD she learned in like 2 hours XD

  19. freeagentsgirl619 says:

    @chrisrocks121 Since hes new he might be a little afraid. Just keep trying but don’t yell at him or punish him since hes only and puppy and doesn’t know what to do. Try training him a couple times a day he will catch on sooner or later…


  20. freeagentsgirl619 says:

    @MikeO2jam Yeah it just would be a lot harder to train an dog so you may get stressed out a bit…


  21. freeagentsgirl619 says:

    @mrchrisenglebottom i wouldn’t suggest using a electric collar… its just so mean! They’re not as smart as humans and are a lot more confused than us! A lot of times dogs or puppies don’t event know why they’re being shocked! I think its a horrible idea to use a electric collar. But its only my opinion.


  22. freeagentsgirl619 says:

    @ultimatemater Try to get him in a good place with no distractions around. I think that should help if not, try putting you and him in a small place, such as a bathroom (depending on the size) so he doesn’t have alot of room to run around in or play. If he is still moving alot try again later he might not be in the mood. A lot of puppies just want to play alot so don’t make him if he doesn’t want to. -Coral

  23. freeagentsgirl619 says:

    im trying to learn alot about training puppys! We started fostering puppys until they get a good home. I’ve been trying to train them so their owner doesnt get mad at them, which can lead to abusment….. Im only 10 so im trying my best haha!! Thanks for putting up the video it helped alot! :) -Coral

  24. fallenangel630 says:

    My puppy only sits on command if I have a treat in my hand. If I don’t, he looks at me like I’m retarded and walks off to do else. -.- I have a 3 month old 1/4 Maltese 3/4 Yorkie mix. He has the shortest attention span of any puppy I’ve dealt with.

  25. ultimatemater says:

    my puppy always seems to be moving around while i try to train it what should i do??

  26. RandomChris46 says:

    I already can get my dog to sit, but amazing video! i like it

  27. EmbraceThis says:

    @MikeO2jam I taught my 9 year old bichon to sit, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. :)

  28. tashinga89 says:


  29. mrchrisenglebottom says:

    Best way to train is an electric collar. Faster and more effective.

  30. suchijigar says:

    she is dam good

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