German Shepherd Training: Housebreaking GSD Puppy

Housebreaking German Shepherd Puppy

When you bring your German Shepherd puppy for the first time home, you should immediately decide how you plan on housebreaking your new German Shepherd puppy. It is one of the first things that you need to teach the German Shepherd puppy because you don’t want a mess in your house. You should also start training the German Shepherd puppy to do his or her business outside because you don’t want them to get a habit of peeing inside. It’s better to train them to pee or poop outside before it becomes a habit which is a lot harder to unlearn.

The Basics of Housebreaking a German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd puppies have very small bladders and cannot hold out for too long. germanshepherd-puppyWhile they are still young, you will need to walk them out at least 6 times a day. You might even want to walk them out during the night to prevent any accidents.

Dogs tend to go pee in the same area most of the time at first, so it’s a good idea to walk your dog to a familiar place and not switch it up every time. Congratulate the

German Shepherd puppy whenever it pees or poops outside to let him or her know that you are pleased. This way the German Shepherd will learn that going outside is acceptable while peeing or pooping inside is not.

Housebreaking the German Shepherd Puppy With a Crate

Crate training a German Shepherd puppy is a very effective way to housebreak the puppy. German Shepherds will quickly learn that peeing or pooping inside their crate is unacceptable because they won’t want to stay in that filth.


The key is finding the crate that is the right size for the German Shepherd puppy. You should purchase the crate for your dog accordingly. Choosing the crate size for the German Shepherd depends on how long you keep to keep it.

If you plan on keeping the crate for even when the German Shepherd puppy is an adult then you should buy a bigger cage with dividers. Dividers can be put in place on the bigger cages to fit the puppy just right without giving them too much room. If you plan on just housebreaking your German Shepherd puppy and then throwing the crate out then you can purchase a smaller crate which takes up less room andusually costs less.

What to Do When The German Shepherd Pees In The House

It is also guaranteed that at one point or another your beloved German Shepherd puppy will pee or poop inside the house. The accident can happen in the kitchen, the living room, on your favorite carpet or even in your bed.

If you catch the German Shepherd puppy in action then the first thing you should do is bring him outside right away. Scolding the dog by saying “bad dog” or saying “NO” in a stern voice will tell the dog that it did something wrong and you are not pleased with the actions. Then take the dog outside right away to finish the business. After which you should clean up the mess right away.

If you notice the accident only after the German Shepherd peed or pooped then scolding the dog is useless and it won’t understand why you are angry at it. The only thing you can do now is to clean it up and watch the German Shepherdpuppy to make sure it doesn’t pee or poop inside again.

Cleaning up the mess completely is the key to prevent same type of accidents of happening there again. If the German Shepherd puppy will smell some residue left then it will think it is ok to go here again since her peed or pooped there before. You can go to your local pet store and purchase a special spray which eliminates these orders and is safe for dogs. You should always use it whenever the German Shepherd pees or poops inside the house to ensure no odder remains in the house.

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