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German Shepherd DogIf you own a German shepherd then you already know that they are smart and are quick learners. This is what makes training German shepherds so great, if you know the right approach to training, you are guaranteed fast results. Unfortunately most people have no idea of how to train their GSD. A wrong approach to training can make it much harder to teach your dog new tricks and can also lead to behavior problems which can be easily avoided.

Were you aware that your German shepherd is constantly learning from you even when you’re not training him anything? The way you behave around your dog and the way you treat him, has a lot of impact on your GSD’s behavior. That’s why it’s important that you know how to treat your German shepherd so you’re teaching him the right things.

Benefits of Training your German Shepherd Dog

I get asked a lot “What are some benefits of training my German shepherd?” and “why even bother with training my German shepherd?” Well there are a lot of great benefits that you get from training your dog. The most obvious one of course is you get an obedient dog instead of a dog that does whatever he pleases. Many people don’t realize how much of a difference it makes when your German shepherd is obedient and listens to you.

An obedient dog is so much easier to take care of. Wouldn’t you want your German Shepherd to respect your belongings instead of chewing them up. You wouldn’t have to open the door everyday when you come from work wondering what big mess you will have to clean up this time. An obedient dog will also have more freedom than a dog that doesn’t follow your orders. A German shepherd that misbehaves will most likely be locked up in some room when guests visit your home because you can’t predict how he will react to the new people. You know what to expect from an obedient GSD so letting him meet the new guests will not seem like such a big deal anymore. You will have more faith in your German shepherds if you know that he will do as you say.

German Shepherd Dog Chewing On ToyTraining the German shepherd dog will also help get rid of any behavior problems that he might have. If your German shepherd bites, chews up your furniture or constantly misbehaves you should consider going through training to correct these problems. Training also creates a bond between the dog and the owner. It allows you to communicate with your German shepherd. Also your dog starts to see you more as a leader because you’re teaching the dog new things and your German shepherd will start to respect you more. Like I said previously, if you know what you’re doing training is pretty easy and has a lot of benefits to it.

German shepherd Dog Training Tips

I know how hard it is for new dog owners, believe me. I was in the same position when I first got my beautiful GSD. However through years of experience I learned a lot about training German shepherds. Now I’m helping others with their GSD. Here are some simple tips that will help you with training your dog.

First of all if your German shepherd is still a puppy, don’t put off training. German shepherds learn things a lot faster as puppies so use that to your advantage. Of course if you own an older GSD that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start training.

Start with basics when you begin training. Don’t expect your German shepherd to learn complicated tricks on the first day. Begin with simple and easy tricks like sit. Simple tricks can also come in helpful when training tricks that are a bit more complex.

Pick a good time and place when training the German shepherd. Try to find a good place where there is little to no distractions that can interfere with training your German shepherd. For example, going to the park on a Sunday when all the kids are playing and running around can make training more challenging than it needs to be. Pick a nice quiet location where it’s just you and your German shepherd or anyone else that wanted to come along to help you.

Make sure you’re consistent with the training. Consistency is the key if you want fast results when training your German shepherd. Don’t switch up commands when training your dog or it will just confuse him. For example, if you started to use “Come Here” as the command for your dog to come to you, don’t start changing to something else like “Come to Me” while training your dog. Keep things simple and basic and you’re bound to have a well trained dog on your hands.

These are just some simple tips to help you along with your German shepherd. If you want a complete guide training guide for your German shepherd, take a look at my German Shepherd dog guide. I wish you and your dog the best of luck.

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