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German shepherd is a healthy breed of dog that is capable of living an average of 12 to 16 years. If someone has a well bred of German shepherd then it is very rare that it will have any major health related problem. Although, all German shepherds are prone to certain health problems like Canine Hip Dysphasia (CHD) and Von Willebrand’s disease. In CHD there is development problem of skeleton due to which femur is not able to sit properly within the hip socket while in Von Willebrand’s disease the blood of dog is not able to form clots. This is a blood related disease. Therefore for proper German shepherd care it is necessary to give regular baths to your German shepherd in order to avoid skin allergies or any other kind of disease.

GSD careWhile considering on how to care for a German shepherd, it must be kept in mind that it is the balanced diet that will keep health of German shepherds well. In order to provide long, healthy and happy life to these dogs, it is necessary that fresh food is provided to them. German shepherd puppy care includes good diet of fresh meats such as turkey, beef and chicken. Some vegetables, rice and eggs can also be mixed with these meats in order to make it a balance diet. Besides balanced, good and healthy diet, proper German shepherd Care also involves brushing the teeth as often as possible in addition to grooming, plenty of exercise and attention.

All these German shepherd puppy care measures will make sure that your dog is kept in excellent health. You should also perform a weekly home health examination so that any health related issue is detected at its earliest stage and preventive measures could be taken before it gets worse. This way you will also be able to easily detect the changes, if any, occurred due to disease, dog related emergencies or injury to the dog.

If you want to keep your GSD healthy and happy, regular consultation with veterinarian so that you can up date your dog with all vaccinations and have a regular physical and health examination must be done. It is better if you take your German shepherd puppy to a veterinarian that is familiar specifically with problems related to German Shepherds so that any specific hereditary disease of the breed could be dealt with in a better manner.

German shepherd Care essentially relies greatly on diet. The normal diet of an adult German shepherd is minimum 40 pounds of dry food in a month. This may, however, vary with different dogs, to do different metabolism levels and size of the specific dog. For instance, if there is an over active younger dog, it will need more food compared to an older or relatively inactive dog.

Mostly the owners, while making German shepherd puppy care plan, choose to food high quality commercial foods and supplement it with some meat two to three times weekly. Here also, the quantity of food to your dogs will be determined by the activity level of the dog. But usually it is two cups of food in a day, and the remaining unconsumed portions of foods should be taken away from the dog.

German Shepherd Dog CareWhile considering how to care for a German shepherd with regard to feeding high proteins, you should put more emphasis on lamb, fish or chicken compared to wheat, corn or rice. Providing meat based foods as a part of German shepherd care program may be a bit more expensive, but will be very beneficial in the long run. In order to make your German shepherd puppy care program more effective you should avoid feeding anything containing additives.

While raising the dog to view you as the leader, you should never be violent. It would be better if you train the dog with care and if need arises, you should seek advice from a professional trainer. Further, German Shepherd Care plan should also necessarily include potty training and teaching basic commands in right way so that it knows the basic commands like come, sit, heel, and stay etc.

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